Olio extra vergine di oliva – liquid gold

Olio extra vergine di oliva – liquid gold

“Nutty, fruity, mild… our olive oil.”

Che piacere! Freshly baked ciabatta soaked in a little bit of olive oil – pure and great. Hardly any other ingredient has such a lasting effect on Italian cuisine as cold pressed olive oil, which refines salads, pasta and vegetables so inimitably.

When the wine has been harvested and the nights are getting colder, it is time to harvest the half ripe olives. To obtain a fruity, pleasantly light spiciness, we start harvesting very early. Our olives are carefully picked by hand and brought directly to a traditional Tuscan oil mill where they are cold pressed.

The very good quality of the soil, the gentle, traditional harvesting method and the knowledge of the oil manufactory guarantee the quality of our olive oil.

Bottle size: 0,5l
Price per liter: 22,00€